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Part of Something Bigger…

At this moment in time, we need people open, able and wanting to think new stuff in a new way and develop this together! There are many initiatives dealing with value-oriented entrepreneurship. A lot of words, confessions, calls to commitment – a lot of good stuff as well.

We are well aware, that there are really amazing initiatives, following similar thoughts and principles with good progress already. In Germany you might want to name the “Gemeinwohlökonomie” for example, in USA the B-Corp as a new legal form to organize.

Here we invite to take and be active part in an open, international discourse. Our ressources are worldwide contacts to entrepreneurs and companies at eye level through the Manifesto for Change, as well as the event in Amsterdam last year, visited and supported by Kofi Annan and Mohammad Yunus as speakers and supporters. We want to bundle this power, vitalize this momentum and keep the fire burning.

We invite people, stakeholder, entrepreneurs, companies to take part in this open dialogue. This initiative is commons. It belongs to the community of those entrepreneurs, customers and their environment, that want to make a difference and are part of this active network. This initiative is yours. You´re part of what emerges here.

What this initiative needs:

  • Participants in the Dialogue
  • People able to think out of the box
  • Ambassadors
  • Social Media Experts, Storyteller (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs …)
  • Press reports and news items, articles, media contacts
  • Entrepreneurs engaging in a discourse with other Entrepreneurs
  • People organizing face-to-face meetings
  • Software Development for the crowdsourcing platform
  • Best Practice Examples
  • Video Statements
  • Consultants and Mentors helping this Initiative to grow on
  • Funding, Sponsors, Investment, financial aid to ensure high process-quality
Here´s to the Entrepreneurs, active engaged people, who seriously and in flow want to create a healthy business for a healthy world!


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