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Amsterdam Manifesto for Change

Amsterdam Entrepreneur’s Manifesto for Change

We, more than 500 entrepreneurs, members of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), gathered in Amsterdam to dream of a future of progress and improvement and the role that we will play in our changing world. Henceforth, we declare that we will focus our passions on leading our world forward and searching for solutions to its most pressing challenges.

In reinforcing the existing core values of EO, we hereby pledge to the following values for ourselves, our companies and our communities:

Passion, Intergrity, Respect, Balance, Authenticity, Leadership, Fun, Trust, Generosity, Courage, Honour, Transparency and Empathy.

From this day forward, we will adopt a new way of doing business. We are a powerful influence in our world. Our values have great consequences – for ourselves, our children and our society. We will ensure that our values will be central to our entrepreneurial practice. Profit will not be an end in itself; sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship will be an obvious and natural extension of our company’s social relevance.

Entrepreneurs have the courage to make bold decisions that address challenges and deliver desperately needed innovations that will improve the lives of millions. As leaders, we are always searching for new paths, opportunities and possibilities. As intellectual and social pioneers, it is our duty to share our vision for a better world and reinforce our words with action.

We will act in accordance with the values of this manifesto. Collectively, we will embrace a new way of looking at and doing business. We will honour the great responsibility we bear as entrepreneurs, making sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship integral to our lives, our companies and communities.

Amsterdam,September 17 (2011)
Signed: Kevin Langley – EO Global Chairman, Maarten Wolleswinkel – Chairman EO Amsterdam, Sjaak Vink – Inspirator of University 2011

Entrepreneurial Change (Rem: Original was phyiscally signed by ca. 500 Entrepreneurs from all over the world)

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