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Here you find Videostatements from Entrepreneurs and other Supporters. Having emerged out of the Amsterdam Event in September 2011, there are already Ambassadors of the Manifesto for Change and the Change-the-World-Company Initiative. We will interview those whithin the next months and post the videos as statements for other Entrepreneurs, Companies and Co-Creators. You, as a supporter of this Initiative are more than welcome to be part of this.

Peter Schreck,, at the summit of NewThinking:

hier ein direkter Link zum angesprochenen Video

Florian Junge,

Sjaak Vink,, Initiator of the Manifestos for Change:

Would you like to become Ambassador?

Get in Contact with us and we´ll send our Change-the-World-Interview-Team, or send in your own one-minute Video or the link to it.

A video statement should consider these criteria:

  • no longer than two minutes
  • short statement about yourself and your company
  • answer f.e. the following questions:
  • Why am I/my company part of this initiative? How do I/we cocreate this? What are criteria for change-the-world-companies do I perceive as important? Where do we start? Where did we start already? Which experiences did we make on this journey? Where can we be an example/best practice for others?
  • motivating statement, that creates flow and invites others to join

Whithin the next months there will be a pool of partner companies, that know each other, support each other and work together in functional, healthy company-networks. A change-the-world, learning net of companies and their environment will develop, able to serve as an example and best practice for a future we all want to cocreate.

Who would like to send a statement or wants to work together with us and support the initiative can easily get in contact with us here.

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