The Idea

This initiative creates a crowdsourcing project. Entrepreneurs, active people and companies will together develop criteria to define change-the-world-Companies in an open, transparent process.

It is our goal and wish, to become Change-the-World-Entrepreneurs and develop Change-the-World-Companies and lead our companies and organisations in a mindset of serving the whole, not exploiting any longer.

During this process of crowdsourcing we will develop clear, measurable, transparent criteria as commons. We also want to motivate entrepreneurs and companies to become part of this initiative. The output shall define a Change-the-World-Company and the goal is to find out what this term means and how we can get there. The community of entrepreneurs and society should be able to agree on conditions for Change-the-World-Companies.

The Title Change-the-World-Company is not meant to be “buyable” and shall be commons. Anyway it´s necessary to be more than just a voluntarily given self-commitment.

We presented and started this initiative at the Summit of Newthinking in Berlin on the 15th of november 2012, at the Conference on Open Strategies.


The Story

In September 2011 more than 500 Entrepreneurs – members of the Entrepreneurs Organiszation – gathered for the yearly EO University that in 2011 took place in Amsterdam. EO-Member Sjaak Vink organized and hosted the event and labeled it “Change the World”. During this event the “Amsterdam Manifesto for Change” was written.

More than 500 successfull entrepreneurs from all over the world cocreated and signed this Manifesto – and committed themselves from this day on to rethink and redesign their businesses in alignment to this Manifesto.

Kofi Annan, Mohammad Yunus, Severn Suzuki, Peter Bakker and many more were witnesses and cocreators of this movement within the EO at the event in Amsterdam.

As a follow up of this event, we´re looking for entrepreneurs from all over the world to join the Virus of entrepreneurial Change and found cells of the Virus of Change everywhere. These cells take care of the viral spread of the contents and serve the needs of those companies,  that want to transform themselves.

This Initiative emerged as part of the mindset and spirit of this Amsterdam Event. We are free and only commit ourselves to the entrepreneurial change that we need to tackle the global challenges of our time in a community of changemaking entrepreneurs.

We´re looking forward to any form of support and cocreation, sponsors welcome!

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